16 July 2013

3 examples of winning gamification with Nike and Starbucks

There is no doubt that gamification is gaining ground in the business sector. With Nike+ using gamification to socialize running. They have passed from 5 million registered runners to 11 million in 2013 and Starbucks has passed from 2 million registered members in 2010 to 6 million in 2013, you can feel the power of giving people rewards, social acknowledgment for their actions.

While you might not fully be ready to gamifiy your business yet, you should at least have a look at what it is and learn about its potential.
Here is an interesting infographic from http://www.onlinebusinessdegree.org/2013/06/10/winning-at-their-own-game-the-business-benefits-of-gamification/

Winning at Their Own Game: The Business Benefits of Gamification

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