26 October 2012

P&G Japan and their great CSR initiative

Thanks to a friend of mine working in one of the major communication agency in Japan. I was able to discover this great initiative from P&G in 2011.

P&G have been conducting 'Ariel Cheers for You. Project', a laundry support activity to help people affected by the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. In this activity, they collect laundry from evacuees in the shelters in Miyagi, then convey them to the Laundry Center in Yamagata, where the lifelines were not damaged. There they washed, dried and folded the garments, and then drive them back to Miyagi again for delivery.

I believe this is a great example of corporation engaging their own staff to contribute to helping others. This created bonds between the staff and the people, developed empathy and gave a feeling of purpose for their workers. In addition, it made a great opportunity to promote their brand at the same time in a positive way. This is simply brilliant.

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