29 November 2011

i-kifu gets a second award!

I have the immense pleasure and honour to announce you that i-kifu received the TEAJ Global Entrepreneurship Award last night 28th of November at the American Embassy in Japan.
I want to thank those who made is possible, Guillaume Hansali CEO of Wizcorp, who together with his team is building ikifu.org, Akira Takahashi, Fabrice Boutantin, Mio Yasuoka, Daisuke Tsutumi, Keita Sakoda, my interns, my volunteers. The people who organized this competition, Patricia Bader-Johnston, the Jury Chair William Saito, US Ambassador John Roos for hosting the event, Marc Fuoti for handing me the award, Jeff Char for his inspiring speech and all the people who supported my idea since the beginning. I would never have made it without your help. Thank you!

Here is an article about the event in Forbes.com:
And the press release from the American Embassy in Tokyo:

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