01 July 2010

Special thanks

I wanted to say a special thanks to all the following people I met between May and July, classified by chronology.

Gunnar Bauer for creating my logo. http://gunnarbauer.com
Junko Nirmala greenjapanbiz.jp for introducing me to Wada-san, Adachi-san, Koji and Yamamoto-sensei
Yamamoto Sensei for introducing me to great people during his class.
Ayumi from C's for sharing her insights about donation in Japan
Luke from  equalc.com for mentioning about i-kifu at green leaders.
Emilie from Party4Peace http://www.parties4peace.com 
Anthony Blick for letting me presenting my project to his network. 
Sarrajean for sharing her energy to help NPOs http://sarajeanr.wordpress.com 
Damion for supporting my project and introducing me to Henry Seals
Henry for helping me to make a presentation in his network 
Leszek for his motivation to help NPOs and introducing me to David from Jambo and Andrew from bicycle for humanities
Hidezumi and Yuta for the translations
Gaku for introducing me great people, among them the daughter of Tezuka san from Astroboy
Hori-san for continuing to connect me with right people in the mobile industry.
Hector Serra from Artist without borders
Roman Zimmerman for introducing me to Stephen and Takako
Jeffrey Rowe from jetsets.jp for sharing his network and advice
Kenneth for his advice for i-kifu and connecting me to Alex Young from Mostyle
Alex Y. for sharing his entrepreneur experience and expertise in the mobile sector
Hiro Maeda from netprice for inviting to the Open Network Lab contest
Raymond from honeyjapan.com for teaching me about Manuka honey
and many others I might have forgotten...

Thanks to all!


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