03 May 2010

Episode 27 Logo and New Supporter

i-kifu has been going forward on different fronts.

The logo is almost done, you can see the final draft here http://www.graphicster.com/Projects.aspx/109
There were many submissions made but this one is really the one, I liked immediately. A few things will change but I'll let you see the final version soon.

I met a lot of people, since the start of my project I made my presentation to more than 200 people around Tokyo, so far it was well received everywhere. I recently met the President of Hope international who has showed a strong interest to my project.

I met so many people, so it's hard to make it concise but I talked with persons involved in the iphone app business and we are currently thinking about a way to connect games and NPOs. This is something to follow.

Also, we are about to make a Japanese online survey, that we are going to publish soon, after the proofreading is made. The survey aims to find out, what is the general feeling about mobile donation in Japan. We would like to have 500 respondants, so we contacted a few marketing companies but their pricing gave us the motivation to make it by ourselves. We can't wait to see the results.

While making the survey, it gave me another idea to raise funds for NPOs, but I'l keep this for another time.

Now, we are working on finding an economical way to develop a beta version of i-kifu that will look professional. Then, we also need to focus on the finding a Japanese person interested in becoming a partner of our project. The person, has to be bi-lingual, interested in social entrepreneurship and have some experience in negotiation. The reason is that we will need to deal with the main carriers when then beta version in ready and currently we cannot do it by ourselves. If you are interested please send a email to info@ikifu.org

I believe that when the beta version is finished it will be a lot easier to convince everyone to collaborate and at that time, no one will stop us.

Wait and see.

End of Episode 27

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