18 March 2010

Episode 24 Finally official support from NPOs

It's been a month that I haven't updated the blog, so there are a lot of things to write about, so I'll make it concise.

First the very good news! I am proud to announce that 5 Japanese NPOs have accepted to endorse my project officially. This is indeed a great Milestone!

1) M├ędecins du Monde www.mdm.or.jp
2) Refugees International Japan www.refugeesinternationaljapan.org 
3) Japan Water Forum  www.waterforum.jp/eng
4) CGI Rose www.rosecgi.com
5) Dancing for kids www.dancing4kids.ning.com

One thousand thanks to them for their support, this is only the beginning, I am sure that other will follow soon!
Sometimes you need to push a little. It took me more than 10 calls to get a meeting with the WWF and finally I got one. So don't give up on anything when you know that what you're doing is right.

Second, this month is also the time of my first presentations to larger communities in Tokyo, among them:

1) The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) commitee
2) Green Mondays
3) The Pink Cow Connection (next month)

Since I started doing my presentation to the NPOs, I think that my powerpoint has been modified at least 20 times, I'm constantly trying to improve it for greater impact and it's working!

I want to thank a few mentors, like Ed T., Philip S., Marco K. and Hiro for their valuable comments and feedbacks.

End of Episode 24

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