11 February 2010

Episode 22 NPO or not NPO?

NPO or not NPO, that is the question...
After doing some researches about NPO creation in Japan, I found out that the process was rather complicated.

First, you need to download a 10 page NPO application form from the Tokyo government website, then explain in Japanese, what is the purpose of your NPO, nominate 3 directors, 1 auditor and find  6 other members.
Then, after sending the application, you have wait to for 4 months before your organization can be approved. The good point is that the application process is free but as you see not very simple.

After consulting different lawyers and balancing the advantages and disadvantages of the two options, I have finally decided to go for a normal company. The reasons are multiples, but one that was important, was that I had originally planned to go to Japanese foundations in order to apply for grants for my project. However, I found out that it was quite difficult to get one and that the process would also take 3-4 months before any funds could be unlocked.

Because my organization we be  providing a service to the NPOs,  I came to realize that there is not really good reasons why I should go for an non profit organization. I think that I should rather consider myself as a social entrepreneur, whose goal is to reach win-win solutions for all the players in the NPO sector.

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