11 January 2010

Episode 9

Ok, so I had my idea but still nothing written on paper. I opened my PowerPoint and started writing a few bullet points on l0 slides and started presenting it to other people. One of them was D. and his CEO from Rezavex (Japanese only), which is the company, that Micheal from Mobelan had recommended me to talk to. D. presented their services and what they could do for me. Basically, they would be able to help me for the application process when we would need to make our website official. They have good connections with Docomo, so they naturally recommended to start talking with them in the future. I learned a few interesting things in the meeting.

I left them with clearer ideas and started working on a more detailed presentation. Also, I decided to make a website demo, so I could start showing more "tangible" things...

End of Episode 9

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