11 January 2010

Episode 8 Mobile Donation

So what was going on in the world of mobile donation?...
Actually quite a lot. Mainly in the US but other countries at catching up. How it works? It's very easy.  Check www.mgive.com they are doing it. Basically NGOs can register to their website, get a unique number where people who want to support them, can send an short text message (or SMS) to and NGOs start receiving the donations minus some administration fees from Mgive. Sounds good right? Unfortunately, this system cannot work as it is in Japan and the biggest reason is that, nobody uses SMS here, they all use emails... The issue? Emails cannot be charged like SMS are in the US and other countries. The good news is that in Japan, there exists other ways of charging the users through their mobile phone, the bad one is that nobody has ever done it specifically for donation. But I am positive and optimistic about my project, because it's already possible technologically.

Here are few article that will prove you that mobile donation is starting to get popular and very effective to collect fundings in a very short amount of time. Take Alicia Keys who managed to gather 400,000$ by asking her fans to make donation on TV. Or BBC Children in Need, which raised more £1.75 million in a month. Check also DDX339.ch which is the same as mgive.com but in Switzerland.

It's out there, it's working and I'm going to bring it to Japan!

End of Episode 8

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