11 January 2010

Episode 6 Rose CGI

A few days later, Dan one of my trusted partner from Japan Health Network, introduced me to Robert from Rose CGI, which is a Tokyo, Japan based and nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of less fortunate children in the Philippines. He told me that after surviving the tsunami that hit South-Asia in 2004 he decided to create his own NPO. I was touched by his story and asked him how he was getting donations. He told me that it was quite a big challenge because he doesn't have much budget for marketing. I learned about the different methods of doing fundraising in Japan and found out that most of the organizations have members who support them by paying a yearly fee. Some members are individuals and others are corporations. The latter usually pays a substantially higher fee. Some organization organizes charity events like concerts but it's not always easy to gather people. That later, give me the idea of making a event calendar for Japanese NPOs. Also I asked about online donation and he said that he was starting to integrate Paypal donation system to his website. Paypal is currently entering Japanese market, so let's see how effective it will be to collect donations. I learned that there were several websites that were proposing online donation services such as, www.giveone.net, www.charity-platform.com, etc... I thanked him for his information and asked him if he would agree to support my project and he did. I left satisfied with the meeting and headed home to check what was those websites about....

End of Episode 6

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