11 January 2010

Episode 5

I used linkedIn (my profile) to see if people in my network could help me meeting people working in some Japanese NPOs and it worked, it's magic!  On the 24th of November, I met Kriss, who contacted my through linkedin. He told me he had an NPO that was doing suicide prevention in Japan. He published a free magazine about it and spend almost one year working on it, but he realized it was quite challenging and finally found a job that didn't allow him to continue his project.
He gave me a lot of information about the process to create an NPO in Japan.
Later, he mentioned about a campaign, where Japanese people could call a special number and get charged a special fee on the phone bill to support from what he remembered the Red Cross, I still haven't investigated fully about this donation system but this sounds interesting. I am not sure if this work also for calls made by a cell phone though.

He didn't have much time that day so we said we would meet again.

End of Episode 5

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