11 January 2010

Episode 4

There was something that I needed to know. Was it possible to make donations using mobile phones and if it was, what was the procedure to have a website that allows this kind of payment. I contacted Micheal from Mobalean, which is a flexible and innovative web and mobile solutions provider, specializing in helping international companies to establish a mobile presence in Japan. I told him about my idea and he explained me, about what was currently existing in terms of mobile payment options in Japan. He said the big one I would have to face, is that if you want to charge the people who are paying using their mobile directly on their mobile bill, you need to apply to the main carriers like Softbank, AU and Docomo and ask them to make your website official before it can happen. (Note: I later found that this was not necessary and this is a great news). The application process is a hassle because, not only you do need to provide them with documentation that approximates 100 pages but you also have to wait sometimes for one year to get their authorization. I could see that wall rising in front of my very eyes... Some people could have stopped right there and give up... but I said, "well if this is what we need to do, I'll do it." Micheal gave me some contact information of people who could help me for the application. I left thinking that I would need a lot of determination but you know what they say about Taurus people? We are stubborn... and stubborn I am.

End of Episode 4

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