11 January 2010

Episode 3

I started meeting Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) around Tokyo and the 10th of November 09 the first person I met was a lady from the The Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC), which is a non-profit,  founded in 1987 by a group of NGO leaders who saw the need to better coordinate activities in Japanese society and facilitate communication with overseas groups. She was really nice and I was able to learn about the NPO sector in Japan thanks to the brochures she gave me. I was actually quite surprised to see that there were so many organizations in Japan but at the same time so unknown to the public. She explained me about JANIC and how it was helping other NPOs to get more donations and support from the public. Before I met her, I had some ideas about what Wizcorp could try to do to help JANIC and at that time, I thought that we could maybe build a Mixi (kind of Japanese Facebook) application that people could use to make donations using their mobile phones. It sounded nice, but I didn't put much thoughts about it ,so it was hard to present her anything solid. I came back home and started thinking that there was something that could be done to help the NPOs in Japan. It motivated me to meet other NPOs to see if they had similar challenges like getting more donations and visibility.

Before I met the next NPO, I went to meet Ted from Empire Entertainment, which is a dynamic, full-service, New York City and Tokyo-based event and entertainment production company that designs and produces entertainment-driven projects for corporations, associations, not-for-profits and private individuals. I was quite impressed about their work and thought that we could maybe work together in the near future. I explained briefly about my mobile donation idea, which had grown up a little on my mind and Ted gave me positive feedbacks about it. He also added that they could help me to stage a charity event in Tokyo, when the opportunity arises. I left with a positive feeling that I was on the right track with my idea...

End of Episode 3

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