25 January 2010

Episode 21 Can we change the behavior of the people?

I have been visiting many NPOs to present my project and I always arrive to the point where I tell them, that there is a way to change the behavior of the people toward donations.

I really got inspired by this website called the www.thefuntheory.com. The videos will speak for themselves.
The ideas behind the videos is to prove that the easiest way to change the behavior of the people is by making them do something fun.

Most of us want to help people in need, but only a small part of the population actually do something, like working as a volunteer in a charitable organization or going to a developing country to build schools for example. From my experience and with those previous videos as a proof, I believe that if we could add some fun in the act of donation, we would very probably increase the number of concerned people among the citizen.

Do you have some ideas?

End of Episode 21

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