24 January 2010

Episode 20 iKifu's Vision

Here's the vision behind my project. iKifu is more than a donation platform that allows mobile payments. It's also a Social Network, a place like Facebook, where the users will have one thing in common, the desire to be part of the change.

Ikifu.org is a place where the organizations and their supporters interact.
Ikifu.org is a place where people can meet and help each others.
It is a place where the supporters can see the results of their support.
It is a tool that reduces the gap between people who want to help and the people in need.

Because I didn't mention about the Social Network side of my project, many friends came to me and said I should help the NPOs to get more visibility before anything else. I totally agree with them and my project is actually aims to create communities of supporters. It's a tool for the people already involved to invite their friends and relatives to join the causes they are supporting.

I also will aim to invite influential people to join the network so they can also rally their fans. Wyclef Jean is the perfect example of famous people, who has reached his 1.3 million fans through his Twitter account to asked them to make donations for Haiti. The results?

Millions of dollars have been raised within a few days.

Was there anything like this in Japan?

NOTHING! Nothing at all. Does is mean Japanese people don't care? NO! They just don't have the mobile donation system here. Let's change that together!

End of Episode 20

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