10 January 2010

Episode 2

It's been almost 3 years that I have been living in Japan now. When I arrived in Tokyo, I did a 6 month internship in the marketing team of Syngenta, a Swiss chemical related company. It allowed me to learn a little about the Japanese working culture. It was not a fully authentic experience due to the fact that the managers were foreigners, but at least my colleagues were all Japanese.
When the internship was over, I had the choice between going back home or stay. It was a no brainer to me but I had to get over the challenge of finding a new job. Again, my network helped me to find my next company. I got interviewed by an IT company doing support to other foreign corporations and got a job as a salesman. I worked there for almost one year and finally changed to another company named Wizcorp. Wizcorp is a Web Consulting Agency, which provides Website Localization, Online Social Network Marketing and Cloud technology Consulting services. It's a great company, call us!
The founders are both French, so we got along well pretty fast. We were sharing the same vision about technology, that it should be used to improve the life of others.
We had clients coming from different sectors and at some point, we thought that we each of us should focus on learning about an industry to bring us Wizcorp to a higher level of quality of services. This is were I the saw the opportunity to learn about the NGO industry. With my background, I always had the desire to give something back to the organizations that helped me getting the life I have so I started meeting some NGOs...

End of Episode 2

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