18 January 2010

Episode 19

On the 12th Jan 2010, I met Patricia, who I met briefly at an event of the Amercian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) two years ago. I remembered she did presentation related to Corparate Social Responsablity (CSR) in Japan, so I contacted her because I had the feeling that she would be interested in my project and wanted to hear her opinion about it. She has a lot of experience working  for big corporations  and also knows many influential people around the world.  She is currently working in different companies as a consultant and is also creating an NPO in Japan. 

When I presented my project to her and she was quite positive about it and even suggested me to make a presentation to Green Mondays, it's an networking event for people in Tokyo interested in any type of 'GREEN' Business and Sustainability issues. I hesitated for a few seconds, because I was not sure if my project would interest the community, but I thought that some NPOs promoting sustainability could also benefit from my donation platform, so I gladly agreed. That’s basically how I ended arranging a date for my presentation on the 22nd of March 2010. You will find more info about the event here soon.

I left Patricia and went to the office of the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), which mission is contributes to Humanity's environmentally sustainable development.. I met Mr. Hioki, who is the director of Public Relation. He presented me briefly OISCA and explained me how they were collecting funds. They are using quite standard methods here in Japan but I learned that they were going to open an branch in the US in order to collect donations from there and send them back to Japan. That was their response to the fact that culturally, Japanese people are not used to make donations to support NPOs.
I thought that my project will interest him for sure.
I made my presentation and he really liked it. Even better, he wanted me to come again to make the presentation to the Secretary General another day. His enthousiasm towards my project motived me even more. I thanked him and left OISCA.

End of Episode 19

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