18 January 2010

Episode 18 It's on !

To this day I have presented my project to people working in:

- Oxfam Japan http://www.oxfam.jp/en
- Human rights now www.ngo-hrn.org/eng
- Japan for sustainability www.japanfs.org
- Kid earth funds http://www.kidsearthfund.jp
- Association for Aid and Relief www.aarjapan.gr.jp
- Médecins du Monde www.mdm.or.jp

I am trying to get from them recommendation letters about my project. It's not an easy task because most of them have to discuss about it internally before they make any statement, but at least, I can say that all the people I have met, gave me positive feedbacks about my project. This gives me a lot of motivation and energy to go on because I know that my project can be useful to all of them. Currently, my first step is to get the support from around 30 NPOs in Japan and when I will be done, I will start the second phase, which will be the fundraising for my project. Without the support from the NPOs, this step will be very difficult. That is the reason why I'm spending a lot of time, meeting them one by one to present my idea.

With the support from major NPOs and from the public, I believe that will be much more easy to collect the financial support form the sponsors to make iKifu a reality.

You readers, can simply help me by becoming a follower of this blog and my twitter http://twitter.com/iKifu
Thank you in advance!


End of Episode 18

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