15 January 2010

Episode 17

On the same day I met MSF, I went to meet a lady from the Tyler Foundation. The Tyler Foundation is dedicated to making life better for kids with cancer in Japan and their families and is supported entirely by private and corporate donations. I didn't meet the founder because they were on holiday but I was able to learn about the touching story about Tyler. The NPO has many foreign corporations as members and one of their biggest fundraising events is a marathon challenge organize each year. It's not the first organization, which is doing this kind of activities but it's quite effective to raise funds. On the online side, there is a Paypal donation button on their website but it's still not so effective. I left the lady and with the hope to meet the founder next time.

On the 22nd of December, I had the chance to meet Clement, I contacted him after reading his blog. he wrote an article about an event organized by an NPO called Table for two. There concept is very interesting. Basically they make some healthy meals for the employees of big companies, that are 20 Yen more expensive and that money goes to the NPO. Then, the money is sent to some countries in Africa where, a meal can be given to a person for 20 Yen. That is quite smart and I plan to meet them in the near future.
Clement said he would give me some contact information, for which I was very thankful. He liked my idea and said that I could contact him again if I needed help for my project. My lesson, that day, was that sometimes, you should just talk to strangers, you never know...

End of Episode 17

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