14 January 2010

Episode 16 Big NPOs

My second big organization was Care international Japan, a global humanitarian organization with 60 years of experience working in 70 countries with a goal to end poverty. The staff is made of 10 people in Japan and 3 persons on the ground working out of Japan. She told me that so far, online donation was not a great source of income for them, so she was quite excited about my project. One website, was particularly not good because there were so many NPO listed that it was very hard to be selected by a donor. That made me think that I was right when I decided to select only big NPOs to start with. She gave me some contact from people working in other NGOs and said she would talk about my project internally.

I left her and headed to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), where I met their fundraising officer. He joined the organization less than one year ago and was interested in hearing about new ideas. He told me that they were still using direct mail to communicate with their donors but they were thinking about using another way that would reduce their cost. He was the first person to tell me that his organization, had thought about mobile donation, which surprised me, but when I asked where they were in the process, he told me that it was just at the idea stage. MSF has many ways of doing fundraising like getting points from loyalty point cards and converting them into cash donations. They are also doing some charity events, like photo exhibitions and short movie events.
Before I left, he told me he liked my idea and that he would also discuss it internally...

End of Episode 16

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