14 January 2010

Episode 15

Fabrice is an ex-colleague of mine, I wanted to work with in the future. He's French and we share some common interests. One of them is renewable energies technologies, such as solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal energy etc... Actually, I wrote a blog about geothermal energy in Japan  if that interests you. I haven't updated it recently though.

Before I got my idea about iKifu, Fabrice and I were thinking about creating a consulting company, which would promote renewable energy technology in South Asia, starting with Vietnam. While eating at a Vietnamese restaurant that I recommend in Yotsuya sanchome, I told him about my project and he liked my idea. I convinced him that maybe he should help me creating my NPO first and that he could always start his own consulting company later. We are going to start applying for the creation of iKifu on January.

Two days later, I went to visit two persons in charge of fundraising for UNICEF. I was really excited because it is such a big organization. I made my presentation and they listened with interest. At the end, they said they would introduce me to the other fundraising team in charge of individual donors, which might be also interested in my project.
Dealing with such big organizations is not so easy, when decisions need to be made, many people need to be consulted before anything can happen. But it will be another way for me to test my patience and determination. I need the support from UNICEF and for that, I need to reach the top of the organization...

End of Episode 15

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