13 January 2010

Episode 14 Peace Winds Japan

I went to a random Italian networking party one night and met Yuan, who can speak German.We talked about different subjects and finally ended up talking about my project. What a suprise huh? She was really interested in my project and told me she would like to help me. That was good, my idea was starting to attract some people. We set up a meeting another day, so I could make a full presentation to her.

Back to the NPOs, I met the person in charge of PR from Peace Winds Japan, which I never had heard about before in Switzerland, but there were listed in the top 10 NPOs in Japan in terms of number of members. She gave me good information about getting grants from foundations and told me about the Japan Platform, which is supporting her NPO. Japan Platform received donations from big Japanese corporations, which cannot give directly to one NPO because of shareholders' conflict of interest. So, they get funds and redistribute them to their NPO members. I am about to meet them soon. She told me about an interesting way of doing fundraising. They have a partnership with a company selling second hand books, which buys old books from people and instead of giving the money to the people who gave the book, that company send the money to Peace Winds. I thought, that's was quite smart.

She said she liked my project and I left her with new valuable information...

End of Episode 14

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