13 January 2010

Episode 13 Origin of the name

I was actually thinking about how we could create a buzz about my project, as soon as we get the funds to develop it. My idea is actually to pro-actively contact, TV, Newspaper, Magazines etc... so I thought I should meet some PR companies and see what they could propose me. Actually, I need a company, which is interested in helping charities and also quite open to new way of doing PR., I basically need a company that can create some buzz.

December 9, Meeting with Jess from a PR company that has helped Run for the Cure in the past, so that was a good start. He gave me good advice and strongly recommended to get a NGO certification in order to increase my credibility. I am currently working on it, that might take a few months but I believe that, that will be the first milestone of my project. Nhat Vuong CEO of iKifu. Coming soon!

Let me explain where the name comes from.  Basically, Kifu means donation in Japanese (寄付) , so "I kifu" is "I donate" but not only that. In French slang "kiffer" is a verb that means to love, so we can interpret Ikifu as "I kif U", meaning "I love you"...

The next day I met the President of another PR company but there were not so specialized in  B to C communication, so I was not sure if they would be able to help me as I would like to. He talked to my about an NPO called Second Harvest and said he would help me to get in touch with them. To be continued...

End of Episode 13

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