13 January 2010

Episode 12

14th of December, I met Chrissi from Dancing4Kids, which helps children in need around the world by raising funds through music/dance/art events and by promoting inter-cultural understanding. She is really passionate about her organization and listened to my project with attention. She ask me some questions some relevant questions like, would they need to pay anything to use the platform. She said that many NPOs wouldn't be able to unlock budget for that as nothing proves that my project would be successful and that was a point I had to think about seriously. At that time, I thought about three possible options to charge the NPOs:

1) A fixed fee to pay each month to use the platform and no fees on each donation
2) A lower fixed fee to pay each month and some small percentage fee on each donation
3) Or finally, no fixed fee and a percentage on each donation

She said, that the last one would be certainly the best solution for her and after giving some thoughts, I thought she was right. I might be a lot easier to get the support from the next NPOs that way... I came up recently with an even better solution but...I'll keep it for later...suspense suspense...

Later, she told me that there were not so many incentives for corporations to make a donation to an NPO in Japan, because most of them don't have the status that allows those generous corporations to have a tax benefit from making a donation. Later, I got more details about this point when, I found this document written by Tamaki Onishi, a Ph.D. student at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. I consider this paper as my main source of information about the comparison between fundraising in the US and in Japan
I told her that I might need her support as a voice in the near future, to which she kindly agreed and gave me contact information of people in other NPOs. I had another supporter in the list...

End of Episode 12

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