13 January 2010

Episode 11

The 8th of December I met the Secretary General from the Japanese Volunteer Center (JVC). He started working there 25 years ago. I listened about his presentation, ask the usual questions about how he was getting the funds. One of their methods is to use direct mailing, which is quite expensive in terms of printing costs and not very Eco. I learned once that the biggest enemy of direct mailing is actually...the trash, yes, more that 80% of the mails get directly to the trash without even being read, that's a lot of waste, isn't it? I didn't recommend them to stop doing it because it is also true that many Japanese people from a certain age, don't use computer at all. That gave me some food for thoughts...how would I reach them with my website...I didn't have any clue on that day...
He told me that there were having one big concert charity event once a year and also that they are selling calendars to raise more funds. That gave me two ideas to add for my website.

1) A calendar for charity events
2) An e-shop section for the products that some organization are selling.

When I made my presentation to him and we reached, the section about the Social Network, I realized that he was not so familiar with Facebook or Mixi. That made me realized that not everyone is an addict of Facebook like me, so I would have to be careful with the words I would use in the future. He told me that my idea was interesting and that he would have to discuss in internally. I shook his hand and left with new ideas and things to think about...How to reach the people, who are not using internet....Hum...

End of Episode 11

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