13 January 2010

Episode 10

It took me a couple of days to make the layout of the future website I imagined for iKifu.org. Basically, my vision is that NGOs should be able to communicate more closely with their supporters. At the same time supporters should be able to see what the organizations are doing with the donations they receive. My future website will a kind of a Facebook but will be targeted the NGOs and their supporters. I believe it will respond to the need of the NGOs to have a better members management system.
I am going to describe briefly, how the website will look like. Each organization can have their own profile, where they would be able to talk about their history, their activities, their events etc.. and also add their campaigns. Each campaign will receive a QR Code (Wikipedia), which is some kind of hidden link code in a 2D barcode that can be read by mobile phones using the camera and the supporters would be able to make a donation by going to a secured payment page through that link. The amount would then be added to the total donated by the supporter in his profile.
There are a lot more features I have thought about but you will discover more of them if you follow me ;)

My demo was ready and one of the first person to have seen it is Taro from Run for the Cure, which mission is to eradicate breast cancer in Japan. He impressed me with the number of corporations, that were currently supporting his NPO and explained me about his fundraising ideas that seemed very effective to me. One of their famous events is called Walk for Life, you can have more information here. Taro gave me positive feedbacks about my project, some good advice for the future.

I had one more supporter, this was exciting...

End of Episode 10

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