10 January 2010

The Challenge of my life Prelude and Episode 1


Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog, my name is Nhat Vuong. As my name indicates, I have Vietnamese origins but grew up in the little city of Nyon, in the French part of Switzerland. I decided writing this blog for many reasons, one of them is that I am currently working on an ambitious project that you will discover by reading the following text and another one is that I wanted to share with you how my background played a role in making the person I am now and how the idea of my project came to me. I will write about the progress of my project, the good and bad moments, the challenges that will arise, how I will face them, the people and organizations I'll meet during this adventure, the support from my family, my friends, my partners etc..
Also, this blog is here to try to prove to myself and others that if we have a vision and we strongly believe in it with passion and determination, we should be able to make change in this world. At this point, I don't know if I will ever succeed but it's time to apply to myself, "if you don't try, you don't get."

This is my challenge, it might the biggest of my life, follow me.

Episode 1

Let me tell you a brief overview of my background. It's intentionally incomplete, because it's not easy to make a 29 years story short but I will try.
My parents left Vietnam in 1980, on a boat in order to escape from the North Vietnamese and with the dreams of a better life. After spending a few weeks on the boat and getting attack four times by some different pirates, I must say that being here, right now, typing these very words might be considered by some, as a miracle. It took me a many years, before I fully understood what my parents were trying to tell me, when they were saying that I was lucky. To me life, was just quite easy and never harsh. I always had a meal when I was hungry and never had to work in order to survive. I had a good education and received a Master Degree of Management in HEC Lausanne in 2005. Right after, I luckily received a scholarship to go to Santiago in Chile where I perfected my Spanish, learned about International Marketing and Business Ethics. This was a totally different culture that I really loved. Ok... maybe the Pisco had something to do with that. When I got back to Europe, I went to London, to improve my English and found my first full time Job in an IT related company named Context. London, was also very enriching but I must say, the weather was not so great, so I left and flight to my next destination.

Japan! I have written a report about my first 6 months in the land of the rising sun, that you can read here if you're interested.

End of Episode 1

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